w_101.jpgThe company KABE was established in Mikołów, Poland in the year 1982. Since the beginning it has been entirely at the service of security systems. Having started as a small workshop, for over 25 years, KABE has become an expert in design, installation and maintenance of complex security systems. As well as delivering well known and common solutions, we are also focusing on hi-tech areas that allowed us to become a leader in several market niches.

Extensive knowledge and experience let us deliver complete security solutions to the largest objects like airports, industrial facilities, sport arenas, shopping malls. read more...

KABE Systemy Alarmowe Sp. z o.o.
ul. Waryńskiego 63
43-190 MIKOŁÓW

tel:(+48 32) 32 48 900
faks: (+48 32) 32 48 901


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