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SECUREX 2010 - 26-29.04 Poznań

securexIn April company KABE Systemy Alarmowe will be participating in International Security Exhibition SECUREX 2010. We will be presenting:

You are very welcome to meet with us at our stand!
Pavillon 7A, booth: 38

Izbicko Conference - recap

On 12 and 13th of October in Izbicko Palace company KABE Systemy Alarmowe hosted an international conference where representatives of Polish Airports and other aviation related institutions met. The aim of the conference was to present and discuss threats at the airports and solutions that may prevent them. The discussion concerned open areas and perimeter security in particular that require similar attention as passenger terminals and other airport buildings. Open areas are often treated as secondary objects in threats analysis and during security systems design phases. Also, open areas due to their size and continuous airplane traffic are very difficult for the airport guards to offer reliable level of security.

The solutions for this problem were presented by both Polish companies (KABE Systemy Alarmowe, CBC Poland, ADI Global Distribution) and by international leaders in this field (ICx Technologies, Fiber SenSys, Navtech Radar, TELESTE). Among presented solutions there were:

  • FMCW surveillance radars and long-range thermal cameras used for detection, verification and tracking of the intruder on airport open areas 24/7 in all weather conditions
  • fiber optics intruder detection system for perimeter security
  • hardware and software platforms that integrate above systems with the usage of 3D video system
  • handheld explosives and other dangerous substances detector

Additionally, the participants had a chance to see all above systems operating live on the nearby airport in Kamień ¦l±ski.

In few years Poland will be hosting the most important sport event in its history – EURO 2012. Managements of Polish Airports want to utilize remaining time to expand and modernize infrastructure of the airports. Taking into consideration the worldwide terrorist threat the airports must not forget about expanding and modernizing security systems that can prevent such. Ensuring suitable level of security for the passengers becomes one of the most important challenges for the airport security. The solutions that were presented during the conference will definitely contribute to the process of meeting the challenge.

We would like to thank all the participants and companies that made that conference possible. We received a very positive feedback from the guests what ensured us that there is a great demand for this type of initiatives on the market. It encourages us to put more effort in preparing similar but larger event next year. Please visit our website at www.kabe.pl frequently for the latest news.

Conference - Izbicko 12-13.10.09

On 12-13 October company KABE Systemy Alarmowe organizes an international conference "New Trends in Airport Security" that will be held in Palace Izbicko near Opole. Together with in-house presentations, there will be live presentations of state-of-the-art airport security equipment.

Among our invitees there will be representatives from most Polish Airports and people from aviation related fields (scientists, university professors, journalists, etc.).

Additional information and attendance requests please contact us at +48 32 324 8951 or s.ociepka@kabe.pl.


New website launched!

Dear Visitor,

On Sepetember 15th company KABE Systemy Aalarmowe launched a new website. The website is still in development and soon it will reach its final shape.

Meanwhile we welcome you to take tour by visiting About us and Our offer sections where you may learn more about who we are and what we do. After registering you will gain access to additional materials like Price lists and Product presentations. In the News section you will find information about conferences, seminars, traid fairs in which we participate and about other imporant events in our company.

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